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Mountain Walks

1. Sykia village-Prehistoric settlement of Koukos.

Ascending goat trail. 5km - 2.5 hrs ,Difficulty- medium.

Koukos is a hill-top site near the village of Sikia. It has remains of a fortification wall, a settlement and a cemetery.
The cemetery is Early Iron Age probably end 10th - end 8th centuries B.C.

view from koukos
The cemetery
The path

Wild spring flowers.

Calicotome villosa, Nerium oleander, Cistus albidus, Myosotis sylvatica

rock rose
forget me not

2. Toroni Byzantine site of archeological interest - to the ancient Acropolis of Toroni.

Ascending goat trail. 4km - 2 hrs Difficulty - medium.


Traces of prehistoric settlements of the 3rd century BC and many other ancient remainders, ancient Christian and Byzantine temples, castles and others is evidence that the area is inhabited constantly from the Neolithic era.
Ancient Toroni was founded by the Halkidi's settlers of the 8th century BC.  In Vigla remains of the ancient city and parts of the walls can be seen.

Remainders of Byzantine temple
View from the ancient Acropolis
Lykithos fortress

The hillsides of Toroni are home to many wild flowers native to the area.

Euphorbia dedroides, Anacamptis piramidalis,Ruta chalepensis, Glaucium flavum


3.Reforested area of Sykia.

Forest trail.  6-8 km 2-3 hrs. Difficulty - easy.


Forest trail  ideal for hotter days, walking amongst young pine trees. This area was destroyed totally by fire in the summer of 1985. The views of Koufos port and lake are breathtaking.

Koufos port and lake
Young forest

Stunning spring flowers.

Muscari comosum, Spergula marina ,Anemone heldreichii ,Ornithogalum collinum


4. Sykia village-Prophet Elias.

Mountain path-forestry road. 8-12 km 3-4 hrs. Difficulty- easy


This walk starts from the village of Sykia climbing to the mountains.  Panoramic view on the plane of Sykia and Mount Athos on the East, and Cassandras gulf and peninsula on the West.

View to Mount-Ahos
Olive trees
View to Sykia

Spring flowers.

Ranunculus spruneranus, Cistus salvifolius, Dracunculus vulgaris,Ophrys reinholdii


5. Platanitsi- the old water mill.

Forest walk. 8-12  km 3-4hrs. Difficulty- easy


Forest walk. This walk takes one through a beautiful mature pine forest which is filled with bushes of different varieties of heather. Sithonia is well known for its honey production and heather honey is most nutritious.The walk ends at the existing remains of the 19th century water mill.

  Spring heather   Ruins of the water mill  

Spring and autumn are the best times to discover the many different varieties of wild mushrooms and toadstools.


6. Parthenon-St.Athanasius-Fire watch tower.

Forest walk. 5-14kms 2-4 hrs. Difficulty-medium

This route passes through pine forest, the renovated village of Parthenon, and leads to the highest peak  of Sithonia peninsula [Mount Dragoudeli] with the most spectacular panoramic view of Halkidiki.

View from Parthenon
Renovated house
The old school
  Spring in the forest   View from the fire watch tower  

The village gets its name from ‘Parthenopolis’, an ancient city thought to be nearby and mentioned as early as Byzantine times, when it was a “metochi” of the Mt. Athos monastery of Kastamonitou. The village was abandoned in the 1970s, practically en masse, when inhabitants sought work on Porto Carras estate and in Neos Marmaras. Since then many house have been renovated in the traditional style.

Spring wild flowers.

Verbascum  thopsus, Achilea millefolium, Lamium (garganicum), Orchis luxiflora