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Welcome to yian web site

We are creating handmade jewelry.

Dear customers and friends,

Thanks very much for your support over the years

Unfortunately we must inform you that due to the circumstances

we decided that we should close our boutique. 

After  more than 30 years, through our work

we had the chance to meet nice people and some of them became good friends. 

You’ll always be able to contact us through our Web Site

which for the moment will still be valid.   


We design and make jewelry from the finest materials using the traditional techniques of Granulation , Stamping , Shaping , Engraving, Reticulation , Repoussee , etc ...

All our pieces are signed. Many of them are unique while others are made in limited editions using the lost wax casting process.

Everything is made from either100% pure silver or if the function of the piece demands it from a harder 950 or 925, silver alloy.

All the enameling is done individually with the jeweler using a hand held torch to produce the best effect.

Only genuine semi - precious or precious stones are used.



Rambler’s walks in Sithonia

Rambler’s walks in Sithonia

We recoment some mountain and coastal walks









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Gallery , our jewelry

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Our boutique

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Our area

Pictures of the area




Wildflowers of chalkidiki

Close-up photos from the nicest wild flowers of the area

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